Case Brothers: Dual Inductions in Oklahoma

Submitted by johnnycase on Sun, 01/31/2016 - 3:22pm


The WESTERN SWING MUSIC SOCIETY OF THE SOUTHWEST will induct Jerry Case and Johnny Case into their Hall of Fame on Saturday, July 16 in Lawton, Oklahoma. Although the Case brothers are in several Halls of Fame relating to western music, this marks the first time for both to be inducted in the same year. Lawton has special significance for Jerry Case, and to a lesser degree for Johnny as well. Jerry Case can credit the inspiration and help of several musicians in Lawton, especially the late guitarist Bobby Davis, for advancing his career by arranging for his first truly professional gig: In late 1963 Jerry Case became lead guitarist for the ill-fated "Little" Joe Carson, a recording artist (Mercury, Capitol, Liberty) whose touring appearances included the famed Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. After Carson's tragic death in early 1964, Jerry Case went on to work with Judy Kaye, Bob Wommack, Billy Gray, Leon Rausch, and ultimately with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys in 1965 and '66. With Wills, he recorded the Kapp LP "FROM THE HEART OF TEXAS" produced in Nashville, Tennessee.